Ecosystem Development

Systemic change requires systemic solutions and networks that support innovation. In addition to funding and building the capacity of nonprofits, we invest in ecosystems that foster collective impact.

Ecosystem Development Projects

Grunin Center for Law & Social Entrepreneurship

The Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship is a global leader in the field of law and social entrepreneurship. The Grunin Center is advancing a global movement that creates new ways for law and lawyers to drive positive change in the world.

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This collective impact initiative connects educators, philanthropists, parents and civic leaders in the Central Jersey Shore. We share the belief that when creativity and the arts are used in the classroom, students are more engaged and learning improves.

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Are You a Network Entrepreneur?

Is your project using collective impact to drive system-level change?

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Why Ecosystem Development?

Individual efforts to create change are insufficient. Smart Networks have the potential to create change at scale. The Grunin Foundation is a proud supporter of collective impact initiatives that increase collaboration and construct a shared infrastructure to accelerate impact.

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