Our Work: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We are co-creating conditions for everyone to rise in order to drive social innovation and economic excellence locally and beyond.


Fueling economic excellence by investing in innovations in the arts, education and healthcare.

Our Grantmaking Process

Capacity Building

Equipping nonprofits and nonprofit leaders with the tools, knowledge, and support to accelerate their impact.

Our Opportunities

Ecosystem Development

Advancing social innovation in the Central Jersey Shore by investing in a broader ecosystem that enables changemaking.

How We Do It

Grunin Holdings

Driving economic excellence locally and beyond by investing in seasoned entrepreneurs and forward-thinking business ventures.

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An Ecosystem for Economic Excellence

We achieve our mission and vision through our pillar strategy and our EDI (Equity Diversity and Inclusion) framework. Each of these areas reinforces the others and builds an ecosystem of forward-thinking nonprofit, private and public organizations to drive change.

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