Equipping nonprofits and nonprofit leaders with the tools, knowledge, and support to accelerate their impact.

Why do we focus on Capacity Building?

We believe when our local nonprofits thrive, our community will thrive.

This is why we created Grunin Capacity - to help nonprofits and nonprofit leaders accelerate their impact. Through this initiative, the Grunin Foundation will offer an array of resources, events and opportunities geared at supporting change leaders and fostering collaboration for greater impact.

Capacity Building Programs

Catapult Institute

Formerly Catapult Your Capacity (CYC), the Catapult Institute offers training, networking, mentorship opportunities, and resources to local nonprofit professionals. Our Catapult Training Series features top nonprofit experts on a range of popular topics selected to power learning.

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Grunin Fellowship (Coming Soon)

The Grunin Fellowship recognizes exceptional leaders who are advancing innovative solutions and bold strategies for the Central Jersey Shore. Each fellowship cohort receives ongoing support that includes; technical assistance, training, and executive coaching.

Grantmaking for Capacity Building

From time to time, the Grunin Foundation makes capacity-building grants to help nonprofit organizations improve their systems and operations to better serve their clients and accelerate their impact.

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Help Us Build Capacity for Social Innovation

Are you interested in partnering to increase the capacity of social change organizations in the Central Jersey Shore?

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