Our Story

For over 50 years the Grunin family has called the Central Jersey Shore home. Through their inspired investment portfolio and philanthropic endeavors, the Grunins have helped cultivate a community driven by economic excellence.

In 2013, Jay and the late Linda Grunin, along with their only child Jeremy, formalized their charitable pursuits and created the Grunin Foundation. Since then, the foundation has invested over $45 million in the Central Jersey Shore, with an additional $14 million committed. The Grunins have sought to improve the quality of life for all residents by thoughtfully investing in the arts, education and healthcare.

Some of the family’s mainspring investments include; Grunin Center for the Arts at Ocean County College, Grunin Neuroscience Institute at Community Medical Center, Grunin Center for Law & Social Entrepreneurship at NYU, and the Grunin Arts & Education Building at Count Basie Center for the Arts.

Through their investment company Grunin Holdings, the family has circulated over a million dollars in corporate sponsorships to local nonprofits and public benefit groups.

Our Team

We are committeed to raising the quality of life for all members of the Central Jersey Shore.

We're Building an Ecosystem for Economic Excellence

We achieve our mission and vision through our four pillar strategy. Each of these areas reinforces the others and builds a local economic ecosystem that supports both economic excellence and social innovation.

Our Areas of Work