The Grunin Foundation has intentionally transitioned from traditional pillars of funding (e.g., arts, education, healthcare) to a more holistic focus on specific outcomes that collectively strive for an equitable, just, and vibrant Central Jersey Shore. We recognize the intricate interconnections involved in addressing the community’s most pervasive issues and needs, prompting a shift in our previous strategy. Below, find our six outcome focus areas for funding. However, we know that the nonprofit community are the experts, and we are always open to learning about how organizations are operationalizing their work in these outcome areas.

We understand the importance of flexible funding to empower nonprofits to be more adaptable, innovative, and sustainable. Our goal moving forward is to provide more general operating support versus programmatic funding – putting trust in organizations to utilize dollars where they feel it is most needed. This type of funding enables organizations to navigate the complexities of the nonprofit landscape, respond to community needs, and achieve greater impact

We recognize that because of historical inequities, marginalized communities, including groups who have been excluded based on race, age, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic or immigration status, face specific challenges in the region and are disproportionately impacted. To support equitable outcomes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we value partnerships with organizations whose work positively impacts these communities.


We continue to be a place-based funder with a direct focus on the Central Jersey Shore – specifically Ocean and Monmouth Counties. As a place-based funder we aim to create meaningful change by investing in the Central Jersey Shore, understanding its unique dynamics, and working collaboratively to address its most pressing challenges. This approach allows us to make deeper impact and emphasizes our sustained commitment for effective philanthropy at the Central Jersey Shore. While the majority of our funding, capacity building, and coalition building efforts are focused on the Central Jersey Shore, there are some initiatives the foundation participates in at more regional and state-wide levels that have impact in our geographical focus area.


The Foundation grants to 501c3 nonprofit organizations or those that are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3. While we understand our funding priority outcome areas are intentionally broad in scope, there are some areas that the Foundation does not fund. These include:

  • Direct donations or grants to individuals
  • Sponsorships for special events or fundraising events
  • Political campaigns and partisan activity
  • Medical or scientific research
  • Historic preservation projects and monuments
  • Environmental land preservation
  • Mutual aid groups without a fiscal sponsor
  • Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes and mission trips
  • Fraternal groups, unions, bands, volunteer firefighters, community service clubs, or similar groups
  • Athletic teams, athletic events, or leagues, i.e., little leagues, school teams
  • Animal welfare causes
  • Individual classroom-specific requests


Increasing access to holistic wellbeing

Promoting holistic well-being involves addressing physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of an individual’s health.

Igniting youth changemakers

Igniting youth changemakers is a crucial aspect of fostering positive societal change and building a better future.  Communities can create an environment that not only ignites the passion of youth but also provides the necessary support and resources for them to become effective and sustainable changemakers.

Promoting economic opportunities and pathways

Promoting economic opportunities and pathways helps to foster individual and collective prosperity.

Reducing systemic barriers to self-determination and agency  

Reducing systemic barriers to self-determination and agency is crucial for promoting individual empowerment and creating more equitable and inclusive societies.  It requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach that involves individuals, communities, institutions, and policymakers working collaboratively.

Investing in and developing BIPOC leadership 

Investing in and developing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) leadership is crucial for fostering equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging and creating a more inclusive and representative leadership landscape.

Resourcing communities to center justice and belonging  

Resourcing communities to center justice and belonging involves providing the necessary support, tools, and opportunities for communities to actively promote fairness, equity, and a sense of belonging.