Strategic Priorities

Over the next three years, the Grunin Foundation will actively work on the following strategic priorities (2024-2026):


Funding and supporting organizations, partnerships, coalitions, and other structures whose work aligns with the Foundation’s prioritized outcomes and who have a strong connection to the community.

Our Funding Process

Capacity Building

Investing in the capacity building of organizations and individuals to enhance their impact, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Our Opportunities

Coalition Building

Engaging in coalition building and advocacy at the regional and state levels to impact systemic issues.

How We Do It

2024-2026 Strategic Plan

In late 2022, we realized not only that our funding and EDIB strategies were operating separately, but also that we needed to be more connected to community to truly fund equitably. We believe it is essential to our mission to find meaningful ways to integrate Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in everything we do. We have pledged to co-learn and work with our partners, colleagues, and communities to help break down barriers, uplift marginalized voices, celebrate diversity, and champion a more just and equitable society. To achieve this, we took a step back and engaged experienced consultants from the Novalia Collective to guide us through our strategic planning process.

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