Our Team

The Grunin Family

Building a legacy of service in the Central Jesery Shore

We believe in the power of connection, relationships, and collaboration. Every member of our team is committed to our mission and a process of continuous improvement. We value working with our community to identify and support equitable strategies for economic excellence.

Our History

Our Staff

  • Heather Barberi

    Heather Barberi

    Executive Director

  • Kelly Fliller

    Kelly Fliller

    Director of Communications

  • Jaclyn Rodemann

    Jaclyn Rodemann

    Director of Operations

Our Board

  • Tomás Alvarez

    Tomás Alvarez

    Board Member

  • Laurie Goganzer

    Laurie Goganzer

    Board Member

  • Jay Grunin

    Jay Grunin

    Founder & Chairman

  • Jeremy Grunin

    Jeremy Grunin


  • Joshua Grunin

    Joshua Grunin

    Board Member

  • Rebecca Grunin

    Rebecca Grunin

    Board Member

  • Edward Johnson

    Edward Johnson

    Board Member

  • Nicole Pulliam

    Nicole Pulliam

    Board Member