Local Summer 2024 Nonprofit Board Retreat

September 12, 2024

08:30:00 AM - 05:00:00 PM


Tools, frameworks, and approaches for understanding the role of individual board members and the functioning of the board as a whole.

The Support Center and the Grunin Foundation are working together on a two-day nonprofit board retreat that will offer attendees tools, frameworks, and approaches for understanding the role of individual board members and the functioning of the board as a whole.

Intended Outcomes:

The following are intended outcomes for the two-day sessions.

  • Provide new board members and those looking to explore board service a better understanding of individual and collective roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide existing board members (likely 3+ years of board service) with more advanced content around the elements of high-functioning boards.
  • Build a baseline understanding of board culture and inclusion and identify next steps for attendees to understand and evolve the level of equity and inclusion in this function.

Registration Fee: This opportunity is being offered at a “Pay what you can” rate. What does that mean? The recommended fee is $25 but you can pay less based on your ability. (The value of the two-day series is over $350 per person.) All payments go directly to the Support Center. The Grunin Foundation is supporting/subsidizing all additional costs for the event.

If you need a free, $0 ticket, simply email [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you!

In addition to the learning, collaborating and networking, there will also be joy, fun and PRIZES! Individuals have a chance to win exciting prizes.


Day 1 (8:30am to 5pm): Two Tracks - Board Governance

For day 1, leaders will be divided by experience level to focus on learning and individual development on the topic of Board Governance:

101 Track: new board members and those looking to explore board service will better understand individual and collective roles and responsibilities.

201 Track: experienced board members (likely 3+ years of board service) with more advanced content around the elements of high-functioning boards.

Track 101

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of baseline individual board member roles and responsibilities as well as the purpose and functioning of the board as a whole. This day will cover the basics of:

  • key board duties (loyalty, care, obedience)
  • board structure: officers and chairs, bylaws and compliance, and Committee structures
  • board logistics
  • financial and programmatic oversight,
  • onboarding,
  • advocacy, ambassadorship,
  • fundraising.

Attendees will receive templates and supporting materials to revise or establish these structures for their own boards. There will also be time for attendees to ask questions.

Track 201

The most effective boards are always identifying new talent, expanding the network, and recruiting new board members while also discussing where and how to improve the functioning of their board.

In this session, we’ll review:

  • the board building cycle
  • best approaches to recruitment, onboarding, and orientation.
  • common challenges and obstacles to the recruitment, onboarding, and retention of board members and what steps boards can take to address those challenges.
  • Reviewing conversation about the functioning of the board
  • Ways that individual board members and the board as a whole can engage in self-review
  • Action steps for board development and review draft board development plans
  • Review sample accountability measures, and

Day 2 (9:30am to 4pm): Building a Unified and Inclusive Board Culture

An organization is only as good as its Culture & Climate, and the Board and leadership play pivotal roles in creating and maintaining a respectful, diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has evolved from compliance to a strategic-level effort with positive impact on an organization’s performance. Today, DEI encompasses more than a reflection of organizational values and legal requirements, it adds a competitive advantage.

This interactive full-day workshop series provides a deep foundation with tools, best practices and examples for you to identify, develop and support board and leadership initiatives for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion that can improve your organizations culture & climate success.

Session One:

Participants will:

· Develop an increased understanding of what DEI encompasses and the important roles culture and climate have in organizational change.

· Identify factors that contribute to a respectful, diverse, equitable and inclusive environment - and those that don’t.

· Learn about strategies about how to deal with unconscious bias and resistance

· Build on the importance of relationships in DEI efforts.

· Create a toolbox of DEI tools and strategies that can be used to advance DEI at your organization and on your board.

Session Two:

Participants will:

· Consider DEI models of change, critical questions to ask before launching an initiative, and how to manage change when in process

· Understand the impact of leadership style, decision making, and gatekeeping on DEI

· Identify DEI priorities and develop SMARTIE goals for DEI, culture and climate

· Understand the critical role data plays in DEI

· Continue to build their toolbox with practical tools to advance DEI, culture and climate.

We can make accommodations available at no additional cost if it alleviates some of the barriers to attending. We are also happy to help with transportation or other needs that may facilitate your attendance of this event. Please reach out to Vicki at [email protected] with any questions or to talk further.

Board Retreat Facilitators:

Rodney M. Fuller, LMSW, MBA, PhD-C

Rodney Fuller is an Affiliate Consultant with the Support Center and is formerly the CEO/President at several other organizations, most notable was his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Newark www.bgcn.org.

*Certified Board Coach (Board Source)

*Certified DEI Practitioner (Cornell University)

*Board Certified Professional and Executive Coach (The College of Executive Coaching}.

Visual Description: I am a smiling, bald headed, bearded, athletically built, African American Male, in his 50's, wearing a Grey Suit, black rimmed glasses, and standing with my Arms Folded.

Keith Green

An executive and leadership coach, with an in-depth consulting background in organization development: board development, change management, DEIB and human resource management. 25+ years as a Nonprofit Executive experienced in leadership and management coaching, organizational and employee development and conflict resolution.Keith believes that coaching and mentoring can help clients and increase their overall effectiveness to optimize organizational performance and create joy in the workplace, thus “leveraging” their strengths, and enhancing their leadership presence.

BoardSource Certified. Proficient in board development, fundraising, corporate social responsibility, and community impact.

Visual Description: I am a handsome, confident, and joyful 6’1” gray haired Black man of Indigenousness, French, and Black descent. Inspired by being of Service.

Brigid Lang

Brigid Lang, MPA, CFRE, CPC, is a consultant and coach who has worked in nonprofits for more than 25 years, with particular passion for organizational development and fundraising. Recent appointments include Interim Deputy Executive Director at the Human Services Council, Interim Chief Development Officer at Oliver Scholars and Executive Director at Grace Institute, a workforce development program. Brigid has done extensive consulting in fundraising, nonprofit management, C-suite coaching, multiracial/ multicultural team building, diverse board development & governance, and training with an anti-racist lens. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University and B.A. in English from Vassar College.

Brigid’s practice is grounded in the organizing principles of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and focuses on the concentration of power in organizations. Her work includes systems analysis and preparation for change, fundraising, governance, leadership and developing mechanisms for accountability. She is a member of Racial Literacy Groups, the YRM Collective, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and the New York Center for the Study of Groups.

Visual Description: Racialized white female-identified person with decades of lived experience, has blondish short hair and an average build. Pronouns: she/her.

BJ Sung

BJ Sung, founder and principal of Pinnacle Social Impact Consultancy, works with corporations, nonprofits, foundations, and families/individuals to significantly impact the communities they serve. With over 20 concurrent years of experience in philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and nonprofit management, BJ has extensive knowledge of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors and has a keen sense of strategic opportunities for social impact.

As a CSR professional at Citi, BJ built strategic partnerships, created impact programs, worked on Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) initiatives, trained and placed executives on nonprofit boards, and managed employee volunteer programs. As the VP of Global Community Relations, she worked with national nonprofits, including LISC, NCAPACD, Habitat for Humanity, Operation Hope, Red Cross, Enterprise Partners, and other leading progressive nonprofits. During her tenure at a major utility company, she developed a hallmark STEM program, which included science festivals in the five boroughs, visits to museums, and scholarships to 14 CUNY colleges. BJ also funded and implemented capacity-building programs for hundreds of nonprofit partners, including board leadership, succession planning, volunteer engagement, organizational development, and operational excellence.

Retired as Chair Emerita of the Korean American Family Service Center, BJ grew the organization by tripling its operating budget, led a merger, and diversified the board. She is a board member & Development Chair of Nonprofit New York and serves on Manhattan Community Board 5. Appointed by Mayor Adams, she is also an ex-officio Trustee on the Board of the New York City Center, a leading arts organization. BJ is a proud aunt to twelve nieces/nephews, loves the arts, especially opera, and dreams of someday moving to Milano, Italy.

After a long career in corporate philanthropy and nonprofit, BJ now uses the breadth and depth of her experience working with organizations to develop smart, effective strategies to be inclusive with a DEI focus and achieve greater social impact. www.pinnaclesocialimpact.com

Visual Description: BJ Sung - long black hair wearing magenta purplish glasses for reading, dreaming of moving to Italy, high cheekbones - a family trait!

Keith Timko

Keith Timko is Executive Director at Support Center and leads efforts to strengthen the leadership and management of organizations and advance Support Center’s vision for social change. develop and promote an integrated and collaborative approach to capacity building for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises. Prior to joining Support Center, Keith was the Director & CEO with Build with Purpose, a nonprofit real estate development organization. Keith brings over twenty five years of experience in nonprofit leadership spanning nonprofit leadership and management, community development, education, and urban policy. Keith is past co-chair with the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and former Treasurer with the NJ Center for Nonprofits and currently serves on the boards of Murray Grove, the National New Markets Fund (advisory), and the Senior Residence at St. Peter the Apostle in River Edge. Keith has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Russian from Rutgers University and a Master in Business Administration from Columbia University and is currently a part-time lecturer in social entrepreneurship at Rutgers Business School.

Visual Description: A smiling unassuming middle-aged white male with a bit of stubble, a mix of dark and gray hair in a plaid shirt, and enthusiasm for social justice.

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