Collaborative Grantmaking

We believe that equitable access to the arts, abundant educational opportunities, and quality healthcare options help create a vibrant and thriving economic ecosystem. We identify organizations primarily at the Central Jersey Shore to implement projects in the arts, education and healthcare that drive economic excellence, have a measurable impact, and align with one or more of our equity commitments.

Grantee Criteria

Our unique approach to grantmaking means nearly all of the organizations we fund are identified and contacted by the Foundation staff. We invest in the following criteria:

The People

We look for strong leaders and passionate people who truly believe in the mission.

The Idea

We search for bold ideas that are relevant, sustainable, replicable and innovative.

The Impact

Projects must demonstrate they are aiming for significant and long-lasting impact.

The Commitment

Organizations must demonstrate a commitment to equity at the CJS.

Commitment to Equity

The Grunin Foundation strives to ensure that all our partners are committed to advancing equity. Below is how we are operationalizing our commitment.

  • Increasing access as a pathway to wellbeing
  • Fueling entrepreneurship for those on the margins
  • Reducing systemic barriers to economic excellence
  • Championing a just and equitable society
  • Investing in and developing diverse leadership

Checking In

As a grantee, you are our partner and our goal is to make the process smooth and simple. We want to hear about your progress, challenges, what success looks like to you and how we can help you achieve it.

Our Promise

For us, collaboration is key and our support does not end at funding. We make the granting process a joint effort between our foundation and our partners, getting involved how and when you need us.

Projects that Promote Economic Excellence

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Grow Your Impact With Us

Apart from our grants, we offer other opportunities to grow your impact and build with other nonprofits working in the Central Jersey Shore.

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