Monmouth Medical Center SimLab

Grantee, Healthcare

Monmouth Medical Center SimLab

Grantee, Healthcare

Providing simulation-based medical education using with hands-on learning in a simulation environment with high-tech mannequins and scenarios.

The People

The Linda Grunin Sim Lab is a joint partnership between Monmouth Medical Center and Monmouth University.

Monmouth Medical Center Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting Monmouth Medical Center and its programs and services.

Monmouth University offers a welcoming and dynamic setting for student development. Innovative academic programs, individual faculty attention, and nationally ranked Division I athletics make their private university a great place to find your future.

The Project

The Linda Grunin Sim Lab provides simulation-based medical education that has the potential to decrease the numbers and effects of medical errors, to facilitate open exchange in training situations and to decrease the reliance on vulnerable patients for training.

Monmouth Medical Center will continue to educate its medical staff with hands-on learning in a simulation environment using high-tech mannequins and scenarios.  “With the combination of rapidly advancing medical, safety and quality standards, mastery of skills prior to working with patients is crucial,” said Monmouth Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Eric Carney.

The Impact

The Linda Grunin Sim Lab will provide state-of-the-art training to Monmouth Medical Center’s resident physicians and medical students, Monmouth University students, and will be a valuable resource to the community for training first responders, including local EMT and firefighters.

The Commitment

RWJBarnabas Health is addressing equity and systemic racism and promoting an anti-racist culture throughout the organization and community it serves. It knows that diversity and inclusion are essential for the overall health of its patients, employees, and surrounding communities. RWJBarnabas Health takes a comprehensive and strategic approach to address health disparities in our communities and works to play a major role in improving health outcomes for underserved communities across New Jersey.

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